Los cabos

The weather in Los cabos is near perfect, with more than 300 sunny days and average temperatures of 80° Fahrenheit (27° Celsius). In summer, from June to September,temperatures can reach up to 91° Fahrenheit (33° Celsius) but the low humidity and the sea breeze The weather in Los Cabos is generally dry and sunny all year. Conditions can vary greatly depending on location, time of day and proximity to the desert or the sea.For example, the Pacific Ocean side of Cabo San Lucas weather often is 41° cooler than the downtown area and the marina, which are covered by Pacific breezes by hills San José del Cabo, at the sea Cortés, just 20 miles northeast from Cabo San Lucas is a few degress warmer Spring is the driest season. Almost every year there is no rainfall from March to June. Winter blends imperceptibly into spring and temperatures increase gradually as summer approaches.